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Is PolyGel the way forward?

Has your social feed recently been flooded with tutorials on the new PolyGel technology? Have you also been hypnotized by its ease, efficiency and not to mention satisfaction which definitely made this new product’s wow factor - and well we all want it!

Considered ‘A True Hybrid’ overlay between acrylic and hard gel by its creator Danny Haile - PolyGel was first introduced to the market in 2017 by popular nail supplier Gelish. The newcomer has secured itself a place within the nail industry at astonishing speed. It’s currently widely used by salons all around the world, popular YouTubers and even Celebrity manicurists!

PolyGel is described as an overlay that can be applied over your real nails, tips, or nail forms and then is cured just like gel polish with a UV or LED light. It has all the much loved benefits of acrylic and hard gel, without all the negative attributes they bring to the table - amazing right?!

Unlike monomer, which is used to help sculpt acrylic, and has a strong smell associated with it, the slip solution used for PolyGel is lightly fragranced and gives you ease in getting your desired nail shape. According to Gelish the product is also ‘more flexible than acrylic, stronger than hard gel, and lighter than both - is this the perfect blend we all need?! The removal process of PolyGel is also a lot less harsh on your nails as it can just be filled down and the remaining residue then soaked off. This wouldn't take as long as the removal process of acrylics and hard gels, which risks causing dry and damaged nails. Therefore, the shorter removal time will leave you with healthier nails and ready for your next manicure!

PolyGel itself has a gel-like consistency and comes in a number of different colours and finishes and can also be painted over with gel or normal polish. The gel can be applied in multiple ways, by using a brush or even using dual forms and then easily moulded into a smooth desired shape.

With the proper application and care, a PolyGel manicure can last up to three weeks or about 21 days.

Celebrity manicurist, Naomi Gonzalez-Longstaff, swears by the product and believes that PolyGel is “one of the best nail enhancements”* on the market. She also believes that “It can certainly be used on natural nails as an overlay in creating a natural look. It also works very well when shaping around the cuticle area, designing the most perfect linear construction.”*

So, our thoughts? We certainly believe PolyGel is the way forward! Much kinder on your nails, totally vegan, no nasty smells and will leave you with a beautiful lasting manicure! Greatest thing of all - Your new fav salon now does PolyGel!

Would you try out PolyGel? What’s your thoughts? Head over to our beauty forum to start a discussion!

Lots of Love Your Polished Nails and Cocktails Team xo

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