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5 Ways To Keep Gels Long Lasting

Summer 2021 is here and we all love to have nice shiny nails that last. Gel nails can last up to 2-3 weeks depending on lifestyle and how well you look after them. Here is five ways to keep your gel manicure long lasting!

  1. Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is great for the cuticles, nails and the skin around the cuticle area. Applying cuticle oil nourishes the area to help and prevent dryness, keeps the nail bed healthy, protects your cuticle and nails, helps with nail growth and also keeps the shine on your gel polish. It has so many great benefits which not only help your gels to last but also keeps your nails in a healthy condition. It is recommended to apply cuticle oil both in the morning and evening to keep your nails extra hydrated.

  1. Hand cream

Hand cream has so many benefits for your hands and nails. Your hands are one of the first parts of the body to starting aging and becoming dry. Having dry hands can cause them to get sore and crack which doesn’t look or feel good. The benefits of using hand cream daily is that it heals any dry cracked skin, can help repair damaged skin, protects against any infections on the hands and nails. Using hand cream regularly will keep your hands moisturised and protected.

  1. Wear gloves

Wearing gloves is a must when cleaning, gardening and using any chemicals. All of these things can cause your gel nails to chip, peel off or break and it won’t be very good for your skin. By wearing gloves you are going to prevent this from happening, you are protecting your hands and nails from any harsh chemicals and dirt. Remember to wear gloves and your nails will be safe.

  1. Do not use your nails as tools

Avoid using your nails as tools after having a gel manicure. Things to avoid are using your nails to lift and pick things, pushing/ cutting cuticles with gel on and biting nails etc. By avoiding these you will prevent your nails from chipping and breaking.

  1. Avoid hot water

Avoid having your hands in hot water for long periods of time such as washing up, hot baths and saunas. When your nails are in a lot of heat this can cause the gel to lift off the nails which then results in your gels chipping or peeling off. To protect your nails and prevent this from happening wear gloves for washing up and take a warm bath or change to a shower.

If you follow these five tips then your gel manicure will stay fresh, shiny and keep your hands and nails in a great condition. Remember to get your nails done every 2-3 weeks once they start to grow out to keep the nails healthy and fresh.

Have you got any other tips that allows your mani to last longer? Get involved in our discussion board to and share your tips!

See you soon for your next mani loves!

Love your Polished Team xo

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