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5 ways of how Covid will affect the beauty industry post lockdown

Obviously covid has affected every industry to some degree. We have all had to practice social distancing, regularly use hand sanitiser and obviously wear the infamous mask. This has all been to soften the impact covid had on our beloved NHS. Even though vaccines are being rolled out by the thousands each day, it will be some time until everything is back to normal.

Here are 5 ways the beauty industry will be affected post lockdown.

1. Modelling

Not only the catwalk but also the cameras of model shoots have seen next to no sassy poses over the past year. The shoots that did take place had to ensure the right precautions were met.

Imagine how difficult it can be to go into the mask before a shoot whilst having to worry about social distancing. Obviously make-up artists don't have to strap their equipment to long sticks. However, where make-up artists used to constantly hover over you, now have to be limited to one person per model, be tested, sanitised and sweating in a mask.

The shoot itself could, in most cases only have the camera man and the models on set. With everyone else either outside or even at home.

2. Commercial Sales

Few people had to dress up and leave the house during lockdown. Some had to make an effort for their Zoom meetings, ensuring not to stand up and show the hidden pyjama bottoms or in some cases less. This has obviously caused a massive drop in commercial sales for the beauty industry.

Except for the people who have used this time to teach themselves some beauty related skills, barely anyone had the need to purchase any new products.

Once lockdown is lifted people will not only be excited to dress up again but also experiment with plenty of new trends! Stocking up on new make-up pallets, all new outfits and maybe even try out new hair colours matching their new post lockdown personality.

3. Small businesses

As much as the industry as a whole has been hit hard, the big players have all had financial security pockets. So no need to worry about your favourite brands as they'll be back strong as ever post lockdown. Let's however mention the inconvenient truth and focus on your small neighbourhood salons which have struggled to hang on.

Remember when you'd pop down to get your nails done, always ensuring your favourite nail technician was available? The person who has done your nails a thousand times and has been there to listen to all your life's ups and downs. Feels like a lifetime ago.

Once we'll see the light at the end of the tunnel it will be free for all regarding appointments. Your favourite salons will be in overdrive and excited to finally do what they do best! Make sure you keep an eye on their social media for information about opening times, appointments and even possible promotions. Don't wait too long and get caught out having to wait for weeks to get an appointment!

4. Relax

When was the last time you've had a professional massage?... yeah same.

Even though a lot of us Queens might not have been able to work as hard as we used to doesn't mean we haven't had a lot of stress in our lives. Money, career, family... These are all things that have been affecting us immensely during lockdown. We all need to treat ourselves to some closure of the past to focus on the future.

Spas and massage parlours have been sitting empty for months just waiting on us to pop in and relax. However, As they are heavily impacted by hygiene please remember that once these open again they will likely have more serious precautions to practice.

Any body contact heavy services will be the last to loosen these rules. So please be conscious of this and prepare for some serious relaxing.

5. New Trends

As briefly mentioned above, post lockdown will usher in a new age of experimentation for the beauty industry. People will have shed their old self and will come out of lockdown with unmatched energy as a better version of themselves. Some might have even discovered a completely new self and will be unrecognisable with a blazing aura ready to turn some heads.

Clothes, make-up and even hair and nails will be thrown out to make space for new trends. If conservative, sexy or simply outrageous there will be something for everyone. No small part thanks to platforms such as TikTok which will spawn easy how-to videos and fun little tutorials. We'll see an exciting revolution for our favourite industry and we can't wait to see what's to come!

Despite what’s happening in the world you always deserve to be your best self!

How else do you think things will change post lockdown? Head over to our discussion page and start a chat today!

See you on the flipside, Queens!

Love your Polished Team xo

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