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Builder Gel

Our most loved treatment

Builder is our single most popular treatment amongst our clients! So, what exactly is it and is it right for you? 

Builder gel or also known as BIAB is a gel treatment that we apply as an overlay to your natural nail. It is thicker in consistency compared to regular gel, however, this means it is great for building length and shape to your natural nails. It works amazing for clients that have short, peeling, weak nails or are nail bitters! 

The builder gel itself comes in beautiful natural colours that compliment your nails, or you can choose to add on a trendy french, some flashy nail art or choose from our extensive nail polish or gel colour range. We can also do up to two infills from your initial builder gel treatment, therefore that means less soaking in harmful chemicals for removals and less likely damage to your nail beds! 

We'd say at least 80% of our clients use this service and have now never looked back. Don't believe us? Check out some of our customer reviews below and also some images of how the builder gel looks. 

What Clients Say

Such a lovely experience. Friendly and professional. Rhia was brilliant. I love my builder gel nails with daisy and dot nail art!
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